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Acquisition of Hospitality Plumbing

Acquisition of Hospitality Plumbing


Atlanta, GA, July 25, 2011- PFMI is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hospitality Plumbing, Inc.; an Atlanta based commercial/industrial plumbing service company.

Hospitality Plumbing, Inc. was founded in 2009 to serve the unique needs of the Hospitality Industry. Their model was to service metro Atlanta’s hotels, restaurants, retail, commercial and industrial properties. Clients like Selig Enterprises, CBRE, Kimco Realty and Starwood hotels have benefited from this model and from Hospitality Plumbing’s unique and specialized skill set. They have also benefited in their relationship with Hospitality Plumbing, Inc. founder and State of Georgia Master Plumber Adam Warner, who we are pleased to announce will continue to serve in a key role in the merged companies.

Facility Repair Services, a reactive service subsidiary of PFMI, sees Hospitality Plumbing as a natural fit and critical piece of the puzzle as they continue to expand their capabilities in the reactive service based market.

PFMI is a Montgomery, AL based total facility maintenance provider of services inclusive of HVAC, landscaping, housekeeping, repair & maintenance, special projects, adverse weather preparation and response, lighting and provides these services throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and British Columbia. PFMI has been in business since 1989, employs over eight hundred full-time employees and is driven by its mission to provide exceptional, responsive and cost-effective facility maintenance services to the retail and commercial community.

PFMI’s family of services includes Facility Repair Services, US Lawns, and KEMCO Facilities Services.

For more information please contact Todd Farrow at Facility Repair Services; 866-355-9909



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